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Random Prompts

  • Drive:If your character could go anywhere within driving distance right now, where would they go? What would they do?
  • Burn:What was the last hurtful thing someone said to your character? How did it affect them? Does it still hurt?
  • Napkin:How are your character's manners? Do they take after who raised them?
  • Couch:How often does your character have "lazy days" where they don't get anything accomplished? Do they feel better or worse afterwards?
  • Jackhammer:What's a noise your character can't stand? How often do they come into contact with it?
  • Tractor:Does your character prefer the city or the country? Where were they raised?
  • Runaway:If your character were to leave their current home, would it be more to pursue a goal or get away from something negative?
  • Hermit:If they had it their way, how long would your character like to spend alone?
  • Rollercoaster:Does your character like going to fairs or amusement parks? Would they rather ride the rides or sit and watch?
  • Hidden:What is something nobody knows about your character? Is it a habit, thought, ritual, belief?
  • Mystery:What is the thing your character thinks about the most?
  • Gothic:What clique did your character belong to in school? Did they get along well with the others?
  • Storm:Is your character frightened by thunderstorms? Do they like the rain? What made them that way?
  • Request:If your character could have one physical thing at this moment, what would they want?
  • Obligation:Does your character feel indebted to anyone? Whom and why?
  • Handprint:What is one non-physical characteristic about your character that is unique?
  • Officer:How does your character feel about authority figures? How do they treat them? Does how they feel about them and how they actually treat them differ?
  • Consequences:What is your character's latest regret? How did it change the course of their life?
  • Senses:If your character had to choose to live without one of the five senses for the rest of their life, what would they choose and why?
  • Proof:What is an absurd situation your character has gotten into that others didn't believe?
  • Faith:Does your character believe there is an afterlife? What do they believe happens after death?
  • Sarcasm:Does your character put people down or belittle them? Are they ever put down or belittled?
  • Court:Has your character ever been in trouble with the law?
  • Charm:Is there a certain object your character always carries with them?
  • Tattoo:How does your character feel about piercings and tattoos? Do they have or want any? Do they judge others that have them?
  • Chopsticks:Does your character have any special talents or skills? How useful are they?
  • Porn:What are your character's sexual turn-ons and turn-offs?
  • Time:Is your character typically early or late? Do they value their time or find it slipping away easily?
  • Ricochet:What's the last thing your character did that had a major impact on someone else? Was it positive or negative? How does your character feel about it?
  • Favor:Does your character have a problem asking for help? If so, is it because they are stubborn or just shy?
  • Adversary:Who is your character's arch rival? If not a specific person, an idea, belief, or entity?
  • Dirt:What's currently on your character's conscience? Why can't they shake it off? What can they do to resolve it?
  • Suspense:What does your character often worry about?
  • Cobra:Is your character known to start fights? Are they known to break them up or avoid them altogether?
  • Coconut:What would be your character's perfect vacation destination? What does that say about them?
  • Fire:What is your character's most irritating pet peeve? Why does it irk them so much?
  • Line:What is something your character is stubborn about? Why won't they budge on their position or belief?
  • Homeless:How does your character treat homeless people? Do they ignore them, hate them, give them money?
  • Glass:How accurately does your character see themselves?
  • Leaves:What is your character's favourite season? Why do they prefer it over the others?
  • Capsule:In what order does your character value the following: knowledge, family, friends, career, money?
  • Skin:What scars does your character have? Are they visible?
  • News:Does your character watch, read, or keep up with the news? What are their favourite types of stories?
  • Myth:Does your character have any beliefs that are simply not correct or acceptable?
  • Field:Does your character like the outdoors? What do they like or not like about it?
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when i see a cute boy


I’m on mobile and I was in no way ready for that image when it loaded

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I Fall In Love Too Easily

Frank Sinatra
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